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A little about me

Certified Hypnotherapist & Licensed Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner

Being here you are taking the first steps to changing your own life. My own journey started in 2019 after seeing that I had no confidence to do what made me happy. I was held back by the past and my own fears.

Because of my own experience with Rapid Transformational Therapy, my life has changed into one filled with confidence, happiness and love.

I can't wait to speak to you about what is holding you back and helping you transform your life.

Rebecca Furber

What I Specialise In

Reseting Negative Thought Patterns

Changing Negative Habits

Finding Inner Confidence and Empowerment

Healing After Abusive Relationships

Personalised Sessions

Image by Marvin Meyer

To start a bright new day you need to leave behind the past.

“It has been a week since our session and I already see how my life, my relationship and sense of my own self has changed.”

- Galiya Chunkhrai

“I'm free of those old negative thoughts and beliefs that held me back. I am feeling calm and content in the present moment.”

- Olga Rich

“I have been far more proactive and positive with getting things done. I would highly recommend Rebecca.”

- Ryan Gamble


Make those changes in your life!

  • A free chat to find out how a session can help you change your life.

    30 min

  • A personalised session helping you change an aspect of your life.

    2 hr

    200 British pounds
  • Book 3 sessions and only pay for 2

    2 hr

    400 British pounds

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